DStar 101, or How do I do that in DStar?

Port Forwarding.

Most users of DVAP Dongle, or DV Mega won't have any issues at all with linking and unlinking, so you may wonder why I have even included this.

However some users suffer all manner of problems.

For Hotspot and Repeater installations port forwarding is almost certainly goiing to have to be enabled.

Port Forwarding sounds like a black art, but it's not that difficult.

Go to portforward.com there are numerous tutorials on how to do this.

You will to get into the configuration pages of your Router.

This is usually done with a web browser, which you point at the IP address of the router.

Usually the IP address of most broadband routers is in the range

192.168.n.254 occassionally you may find it at 192.168.n.1

You will need the login information for the admin account of the router, this is usually printed somewhere on the router, or you may have been sent this on a card or letter.

So assuming you are logged in as the admin account, and you have read the appropriate tutorial on portforward.com, you need to know what ports to forward.

20001-20007 dplus
30001-30007 dxtra
30051-30057 dcs
40000-40005 g2
30061 ccs
all UDP
tcp 9007 IRCDDB

Ports used for ircDDBGateway & Repeaters

These ports need to be forwarded/opened, INBOUND to IRCDDBGATEWAY:

20001 UDP, DPlus
30001 UDP, DExtra
30051 UDP, DCS
30061 UDP, CCS
40000 UDP, Callsign Routing
nnnnn UDP, RemoteControl, can be any number from 1025 to 65535 that isn't already used.

This one needs to be opened on the GATEWAY end only.

20010 UDP Default for INBOUND to gateway.
These would need to be opened on the REPEATER end only.
20011 UDP Default for Repeater 1 INBOUND.
20012 UDP Default for Repeater 2 INBOUND.
20013 UDP Default for Repeater 3 INBOUND.
20014 UDP Default for Repeater 4 INBOUND.