DStar 101, or How do I do that in DStar?

DVAP working as a Simplex Gateway.

This is not really a long term solution, it is really aimed at those armed with a DVAP to get a very low power (aren't they all) simplex gateway up and running quickly.

It also means that when you setup a long term solution, you won't have to change the ircddbgateway settings.

For this configuration of the DVAP you will need an NOV, and you will need to have registered your NOV callsign (in the UK it's usually MB6**), with the ircddb


Do NOT under any circumstances register your personal callsign on IRCddb.

This "How to" assumes that you have read the instructions regarding installing drivers (Windows) for the DVAP, and compiling  and installing the sofware for Linux.

For Linux users the initial setup of both the DVAPNode and the ircDDBGateway, you will need to start both applications as root.
Open a terminal window and type
sudo dvapnode and hit return
Enter password.
Open another terminal window and type
sudo ircddbgateway and hit return
Enter password.

Windows users can just run the software straight from the start menu.

By default the programs start without the GUI update enabled, so once you have it started, click on the View menu and enable the GUI updates.
Now click on Edit menu and select Preferences.

DVAP Node simplex GW frontpage

You will see a window with 5 tabs.
Put in your NOV callsign where you see MB6NOV, select the frequency you want to use, just accept the other values as default.

DVAP Node simplex GW callsign.

DVAP Node simplex GW network

DVAP Node simplex GW timers

DVAP Node simplex GW beacon

You need to determine which port the DVAP has been assigned to

Port configuration for Windows XP (works with other versions).

Determine which USB port is assigned to the DVAP in Linux

DVAP Node simplex GW dvap

Select the port. Enter the frequency you intend to use for the DVAP.

You will now have to close out the program and restart.
By default the program starts without the GUI update enabled, so once you have it restarted, click on the View menu and enable the GUI updates. If your DVAP and the software are communicating, then you will see the beacon counter advancing, if it isn’t then the most likely cause is that the DVAP has not been detected.

I found that I had to unplug my DVAP, reconnect then restart the software before this would work, (this appears to be a common anomaly).
So assuming that you now have the beacon counter running, that’s a good indication that the software is now communicating with the DVAP.

Now we need to start and setup the ircddbgateway.

Launch the ircddbgateway, that's if you don't have it already running. Linux users remember to start with sudo from a terminal, otherwise settings will not be saved.

DVAP Node simplex GW ircddb Frontpage

Click on



There are numerous tabs in this window, we are only interested in 4.

DVAP Node simplex GW ircddb Gateway 

Enter your NOV callsign, and your longtitude and latitude, the rest  you can leave as default.

DVAP Node simplex GW ircddb Repeater1

Select the band in use, ie because you are using a DVAP it's C and the repeater type is "Homebrew".
Select the preferred startup reflector if you want one.
Again you can leave most as default at this stage, you can always come back later and tie up the loose ends.

DVAP Node simplex GW ircddb ircddb 

Select the server

group1.irc.ircddb.net for Europe and the rest of the world

group1.irc.ircddb.net for United States.

Enter your NOV callsign and your allocated ircddb password.

ircddbgateway4 tab
If you want to connect to none ircddbgateway enabled repeaters of reflectors then you are going to have to enable D-Plus. Your login name will be your D-Plus registered id, usuaully your personal callsign If you don't want to or don't need D-Plus you can ignore this.

So almost ready to go.

Click on OK, close ircddbgateway and also close the DVAP node software.

If you have followed the compile and install instructions correctly you should have created a destop launcher for both dvapnode and ircddbgateway.

Restart dvapnode, check that the beacon counter is running, then launch ircddbgateway, enable the GUI update on both applications so you can see what's happening. Your DVAP should now be linked via ircddbgateway. You can now link to any reflector or repeater of your choice.

Transceiver settings
Unlike the DVAPTools sofware, you have to tell your transceiver that it is talking to a simplex gateway.
Transceiver settings are.
Frequency: of choice.
Mode: DV
Repeater offset: 0.00mhz (Yes zero)
Duplex: Yes, you can select + or – makes no difference.
RPTR1: MB6NOV C This is your NOV callsign
RPTR2: MB6NOV G This is your NOV callsign
MyCall: AN1HAM    This is your PERSONAL callsign

Now transmit, you should see both the dvapnode and the ircddbgateway windows update.

If you want to change reflector then the procedure is exactly the same as if you were talking to a repeater, put the name of the reflector in the URcall like this

Transmit, and you will be switched to DCS001C reflector.

You can also change reflector by using DTMF

Have fun and look forward to a QSO.

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